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MFG MONKEY | Episode 17 - The MLP Group (Mac & Scott) | How To Prepare Your Business to Sell and When To Keep It

November 22, 2020

This week we had the pleasure of sitting down again The MLP Group (Manufacturing Legacy Partners). We had Mac Mcvey and Scott Ellsworth , two of the groups key members on the podcast this week. We dived into what The MLP Group does as a company and how they help manufactures grow, and transition their ownership.


The MLP Group is a multifaceted team of highly skilled and experienced subject matter experts. They’re dedicated to strengthening American manufacturing by facilitating the successful ownership transition of small to mid-sized manufacturers.


Collectively, they bring over 300 years of experience and expertise across all functions and aspects of a business to assure the survival of companies as they approach and transition to new ownership. On top of that, they also help the company to thrive, increase owner’s value, and continue to support employees and the community. The Manufacturing Legacy Partnership is protecting the legacy of the small manufacturing supply chain in the United States.


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