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MFG MONKEY | Episode 18 - A-Jay Orr | Is Your Business Safe from a Cybersecurity Attack?

February 18, 2021

This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with A-Jay Orr (Simple Plan IT, Bunker Labs). We talk about A-Jay's journey to becoming a business owner and his work with Bunker Labs involving veterans. 


Bunker Labs’ mission is to support and convene military-connected entrepreneurs and small business owners. They accomplish this mission by facilitating an action-oriented, member-led network of entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing practical tools and resources, and highlighting inspirational stories that showcase the possibilities and accomplishments of the community


A-Jay's IT company, Simple Plan IT, was started back in 2012. He began this new venture with one goal in mind, to help business leaders maximize their investment in technology solutions.

Twelve years later, Simple Plan IT helps businesses from around the world stay secure and strategically use technology to increase the efficiency and revenue of their business.


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