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MFG MONKEY | Episode 21 - The power of ProShop (Paul Van Metre)

May 28, 2021
For this week's episode of The MFG Monkey Podcast, we chatted over Zoom with Paul Van Metre. Paul is the Co-Founder of the software company, ProShop ERP.

Paul walks us through his unique journey from starting a machine shop with some college buddies and coming across a problem that many manufacturers face. They couldn't find the right program to help them manage their business. So, they decided to take their experience from running a shop and hire a web developer to build their very own software, and out of that ProShop ERP was born.
Eventually, Paul and his partners would go on to sell the machine shop to focus on turning this software program into a real business. And today, ProShop ERP is used by nearly 250 shops and there's no sign of slowing down.

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