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MFGMonkey episode 12 Theresa Valade: Successtrek

June 19, 2020

MFGMONKEY Episode 12

Theresa Valade CEO and Owner of Successtrek

Supply chain support / procurement and for us process improvements / implementation support and Talent development that can help the current talent not feel so overwhelmed when a company can be under staffed or have a staff of low performers. We both offer strategy support to help a company run more smoothly. 

In my mind, this topic is still relevant as we all try to figure who can help pick up the pieces as the state’s begin to open.  

For THERESA VALADE, sparked by the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, decided to launch Success Trek in 2005. She has been helping small to mid-sized companies, who are ready to take their business to the next level or in a time of rapid  growth ever since. She is passionate about strengthening companies from within so that everyone and everything works  better  together. Theresa is known for her contagious energy and remarkable ability to inspire others to contribute more of what they do best. After  more than 20 years of working in Operations Management and Consulting, she has seen how a happier  workplace can increase the number of  satisfied customers and improve the bottom line.

Her expertise includes improving day-to-day operations, empowering leaders and teams and strengthening workflow processes in various industries. Theresa’s hands-on experience and education, Bachelor of Science from Purdue University and MBA from Indiana University Northwest, benefit her clientele when they are getting ready to move to the next level or in times of rapid growth.

Theresa’s collaborative approach to building trust with her clients allows her to identify and isolate deficiencies in operational workflow processes and procedures, team dynamics, and individual performance. Based on her findings, Theresa recommends best-fit solutions and guides companies back on the path to productivity and profitability.

Theresa is an active professional member of the Society of Human Resources and the Association of Talent Development. She also serves on several civic and non-profit boards as an organizational change and leadership development expert. Theresa is a dynamic speaker educating her clients about how to maneuver through the roadblocks that are getting in the way of achieving the goals more quickly.

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