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MFGMonkey Episode 9 - Responsible RestartOhio

April 28, 2020

Responsible RestartOhio

Manufacturing, Distribution, and Construction


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Employees, Distributors, & Guests



  • Ensure minimum 6 ft between people, if not possible, install barriers
  • Employees must perform daily symptom assessment*
  • Require employees to stay home if symptomatic
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times
  • Require regular handwashing
  • Stagger or limit arrivals of employees and guests
  • Personnel should work from home if possible


Recommended Best Practices


  • Provide stipend to employees for private transportation


Shift Pattern

Daily disinfection of desks and workstations • Change shift patterns (e.g. fewer shifts) • Stagger lunch and break times


Recommended Best Practices


  • Split into sub-teams, limit contact across sub-teams
  • Reduce pace to allow less FTEs per line



Physical Spaces / Workstations

  • Ensure minimum 6 ft between people, if not possible, install barriers
  • Daily deep disinfection of high-contact surfaces
  • Space factory floor to allow for distancing
  • Regulate max number of people in cafeterias/ common spaces
  • Establish maximum capacity (e.g. 50% of fire code)


Recommended Best Practices


  • Close cafeteria and gathering spaces if possible, or conduct regular cleanings
  • Daily deep disinfection of the entire facility


Confirmed Cases

  • Immediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual who develops symptoms while at work
  • Contact the local health district about suspected cases or exposures
  • Shutdown shop/floor for deep sanitation if possible


Recommended Best Practices


  • Work with the local health department to identify potentially infected or exposed individuals to help facilitate effective contact tracing/notifications
  • Once testing is readily available, test all suspected infections or exposures
  • Following testing, contact the local health department to initiate appropriate care and tracing


*Daily symptom assessments should include taking your temperature with a thermometer and monitoring for fever. Also, watch for coughing or trouble breathing.

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