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MFGMonkey Episode 11 with Jonathan Fourney: Conveying Systems Beyond Industry Standards

June 5, 2020

MFGMONKEY Episode 11

Jonathan Fourney

Supplier Development Engineer

Jon and Dustin talk about the importance of partner support and the importance of being Made in the USA vs LLC, Low Cost Countries.

We all hear the buzz words about reshoring and Intralox is doing just that. Intralox does not buy much overseas, but what they have been buying is coming back home. 

MCMILLANCO, LLC has been able to support them on both sides of the water and have moved product once purchased in China back to the USA and made in Wisconsin and Michigan with our network of Manufacturing partners.

Intralox was founded on the commitment to an idea.

In 1947, Intralox founder JM Lapeyre patented the first industrial shrimp peeler, but encountered problems moving the peeled shrimp on metal conveyor belts due to rust and corrosion building on the belts. He approached major rubber and steel conveyor belt manufacturers to produce a modular plastic belt, but he was told this was not feasible. Undeterred, JM invented the modular plastic conveyor belt in 1970—and thus, in 1971, Intralox was born.     

Today, Intralox leads the way in helping customers achieve their goals by offering comprehensive conveyance solutions that create significant economic value. Locally-owned and globally-headquartered in New Orleans, Intralox delivers innovative, premium technology within a direct business model. We understand that every industry deserves its own industry specific team of resources. Therefore, our extensive service infrastructures have an in-depth knowledge of customer applications, and provide technical support and consulting, and 24/7 customer service to help our customers achieve extraordinary results.

Over the last four decades, Intralox has developed a worldwide reputation for ethical and responsible business practices, and maintained our founder’s commitment to treating employees, customers, and suppliers with honesty, fairness, and respect. Our growth and sustained success is the result of a diligent focus on continuous improvement, a core belief that self-managed people are our greatest asset, and a commitment to ideas, teamwork, and effort.

We pushed past the boundaries of traditional conveying systems with the revolutionary invention of modular plastic belting, and continue to move beyond industry standards. With over 800 active patents and new products such as our Activated Roller Belt Technology and FoodSafe Technology, working with Intralox allows you to experience our uncompromising commitment to providing solutions and solving problems for our customers.

This one is super cool.

This is the depal/Singulator one I talked about 


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